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Under Sink Organization and Storage has so many possibilities. When we’re creating spaces around us everyone has different wants and needs. Our spaces need to feel good to us and be aesthetically appealing. Whether you use baskets or bins, plastic or metal to organize there is one thing that all under sink organizers need is, functionality. 

Let’s Get Started…..

What are the 4 things you need to do to begin….

Under Sink Organization 

  • Measure your spaces
  • Keep in mind your pipes or obstructions
  • Make a list of  everyday items you are using in that space 
  • Find an organizing container that fit your needs

Measure Your Space

Before you go shopping for the “just right” container make sure you measure your space height and width. 

Measuring is important because when you're at the store, you may find the perfect container but you’ll get home and realize it doesn't work. Leaving room for the pipes or obstructions is important is the most challenging when you’re organizing under your sink space. This will save you a trip back to the store if you take everything into consideration before you head out to purchase the perfect containers.

Keep In Mind Pipes and Obstructions

Finding the right size container for your space has never been easier with all the organizing container options. There are so many different sizes of space in our homes and offices and we all have different unique ideas of what we like and how we want the end results to look. At the end of the day the most important thing about kitchen sink organization is functionality. 

Make A List of Everyday Items Your Are Using In That Space

Cleaning products can be as unique to us as the clothes we wear. I know for me I have find products through a friend or someone's recommendation. My favorite  products I've found over the years that I like the best are through trial and error. How a product smells and how well it works are the two things I look for. 

Gather products you use in your kitchen and store only useful items for that room under your sink. Don’t let your kitchen under the cabinet become a catch all for junk. 

Store Cleaning Products With a Cleaning Towel

Note: I like to store my daily cleaners and cleaning towels with my product in the same container because you can use that same towel more than once if you are using on sanitary surfaces and wash towels as needed, this saves paper towels use.

Example, silver cleaner, granite cleaner and everyday disinfectant. 

Kootoo Kit

Find An Organizing Container That Fit Your Needs


Under Sink Storage can be challenging without the right container. When everyday items are stored in an upright position they can be quickly reached saving precious time. One of my pet peeves is when I go to use an item and all the other stored items fall over.

Finding the right container that will organize all your daily needs and work in a practical way is a game changer when you're trying to be organized while finishing a task. 

The reason I invented the Kootoo Kit is that I was struggling with product falling over in the pre-designed spaces. With the Kootoo Kit's customizable dividers I can design the size of space I need and the tube dividers hold my tools upright for easy access.  

The 3 bonus multi tools I invented can help with cleaning in those small spaces. The scraper, vacuum hair remover and phillips cleaning tool can help with everyday cleaning that helps you get cleaning jobs done.


Works to scrape off dry food or cleans between those small cracks in your kitchen a sponge can’t get too. 

Vacuum Hair Remover: 

The unique teeth on this tool will help pull hair out of your vacuum roller brush so not to overwork your filter and keep vacuum clean so it can do its job in keeping your floors clean. 

Phillips Tool: 

This tool can tighten the seat of a plastic toilet or clean in between the ignitor on a stove top. I have 2 sets of multi tools, one for my kitchen and another set stored in my Kootoo kit  bathroom cleaning supplies. 

What To Do If You Don’t Have Cabinet Space

Conventional bathroom style has grown in the last few years and this style of architecture leaves little or now under sink storage in a bathroom. 

So what are your options?


If your under sink cabinets are limited you can store your cleaning products in a portable container in a nearby utility closet so you have easy access to your supplies. 

Portable containers can be handy if you don't have under sink storage area. You will be able to transport your supplies to the area you are cleaning. One of my favorite towels to use are Crae Towels, they clean great and life is to short to clean with ugly towels. 

I love to live minimally so this is an easy one for me. Only store what you need in each space you're living in. 

Why A Transportable Container?


Transportable containers can be handy with limited spaces helping to store items that you may need for additional areas besides your kitchen.

My kitchen area has a dining area and sitting area attached so I like keeping the cleaning supplies that I use in these areas under my sink along with my kitchen supplies being sure to keep brushes and supplies in a portable container that I can remove from under the sink. 

I like to take my portable container with everything I need to the area I’m cleaning in the kitchen or extending areas so I don’t have to keep going back under the cabinet to get what I might need, saving me time.

One of the features I love about the Kootoo Kit is it's customizable dividers where I can design the space I need so when I remove one item all other items won’t fall over. This kit also holds my brushes and tools upright for easy access. 

If you want to ready more about how I store my cleaning brushes read here for more information.

Kootoo Kit Brush Storage 

Peace Of Mind Can Help You Relax

Your home is a very personal place and everyone has their own sense of style. It’s important that our space has the aesthetics that makes us feel organized and beautiful so we enjoy the time we spend there. 

When we obtain an organized life we feel peace of mind and once we find peace we want more. 

 If you have any questions or ideas please email me at jeanne@kootookit.com

Happy Kootooing! Learn More!

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