Brush Storage and Cleaning

It's so frustrating to not have the right brush for the right job. You wouldn't use a makeup brush to clean the shower just like you wouldn't use a toilet brush to apply makeup.You're right in the middle of cleaning the shower and UGH! You don't have the right tool (brush)? So annoying, right? 

Before I start a job in my home I like to gather all the supplies and tools I need so I don't have to stop and search for the right tool. I love to move quickly but also be smart about working so I can enjoy the moment, but also get me back to the moments in my life that really matter. 

Have you ever thought of how many different brushes there are for different jobs and all the options you have? It’s so nice to have the right tool for jobs that require a good brush to get the job done.

Brushes are not just used for makeup or a cleaning tool, but also hair brushes, nail brushes, BBQ brushes and soooo much MORE! 

We have different surfaces in our everyday cleaning and makeup application that require different bristles on different surfaces. When you have a stain on a shirt, you would want to use a soft brush or even a sponge so you don’t ruin the material. You would never use a tile brush on your face to apply makeup!

If you use the wrong bristles on the wrong surfaces, you can ruin the surface or product. 

If you’re cleaning anything with metal you definitely don’t want to use a brush that has a hard bristle that can scratch the surface, a soft bristle brush is what you would be looking for. But, if you’re cleaning a BBQ grill, you are going to want a stiff wire brush. See what I mean?

Are You Using The Right Brush For The Right Job?





 Everyday Brushes and More!


  • Makeup Brush
  • Tile Brush
  • BBQ Brush
  • Tooth Brush
  • Paint Brush
  • Hair Brush
  • Art Brush
  • VeggieBrush
  • Bottle Brush


This list is just the start, there are so many variations of each one of these brushes with different bristles shapes, sizes and colors, these are just a few. 

 Must Have Makeup Brushes

The Makeup brush is a makeup artist's dream and has been around for a long  time. 

The history of makeup brushes goes back longer than you may imagine! Makeup brushes have been discovered to have existed as far back as 164,000 years B.C. Archeologists discovered brushes and ground rock in pinks and reds in a cave in South Africa. This find was considered a 'hallmark of modern life' by archeologists.

The makeup brushes have every different shape, size, color and many different uses for each brush. 


Quality brushes improve the final look of your makeup. They make application and blending easier and you end up having a smoother and more attractive look. 


8 Makeup Brushes You Need


  1. Flat concealer brush
  2. Face powder brush 
  3. Loosely bristle blush brush
  4. A flat highlighter brush
  5. Firm bristle angled brush for brows
  6. Small eyeshadow brush
  7. Medium eyeshadow brush
  8. Tapered eyeshadow brush


You truly only need three to four brushes if you are a beginner. 

A flat eyeshadow brush, a crease brush, eyeliner brush and a blush powder are makeup brushes that can add a beautiful luster to your face. As you can see there are hundreds of makeup brushes to choose from. 

Cleaning makeup brushes:

Dish soap and olive oil: The dish soap can kill germs, while the oil can effectively break down any built-up product in the brush.


1 T Dish Soap

1/4 t olive oil

Use a paper towel and wipe brush back and forth on the towel until all the makeup is off, let brush dry and you're ready for the next use. Dry your brushes in your Kootoo Kit tube divider so bristles stay uniform. 

Kootoo Kit Brush Use and Storage

 Tile Brushes should be stiff so the bristles can get in between the grout lines and clean the build up of everyday use. It also helps to have a tip on the brush so you can get in the corners of the bathtub or shower. The grout brush that is also used in bathroom cleaning needs to be rigid and stiff so it can get deep into the grout which can grow mold if you’re not careful so cleaning often is required. That’s why ventilation is so important in a shower-bathroom area.
The BBQ brush is an important tool when you are trying to clean your grill. The wire grill brush was banned because the wire can break off and get into food or more importantly an eye. Some surgeons recommend people to stop using the wire bristle barbecue brush entirely. They could kill somebody, celebrity BBQ Chef Ted Reader told CBS News, “You don't want your BBQ party to be ruined because someone is choking on a bristle.” One of the best barbecue brushes that people use is Nexgrill steel wool brush or a bamboo grill brush. Whatever brush you use, be safe. 




The toothbrush has been around forever! People don’t just use toothbrushes for their teeth, cleaning their house for those "tough to get to spaces," comes in second place for toothbrush everyday use. 

It’s interesting to read about toothpaste recipes back in the day.  The First toothbrush was invented by Chinese during the Tang Dynasty and was most likely made from the coarse hairs of the cold climate hog. Chinese sticks which were made from aromatic tree twigs to freshen breath. The Chinese are believed to have invented the first natural bristle toothbrush made from the bristles from pigs in the 15th century, with the bristles attached to a bone or bamboo handle. 

Dr. h. M. Wadsworth submitted the first patent for a toothbrush in the United States on the 7th of November for 1857. 

Toothbrushes today have come a long way with different materials, heads and design. I think most toothbrushes purchases are based on ergonomics, color and the soft medium or hard choices of the bristles. 


Paint Brush Storage

The paint brush is also one of those much needed brushes that's a  perfect brush for the job you are doing.

The paintbrush greatly traveled over the course of time, and it's to the Tuscan painter Cennino Cennini was the first mention of the object in the western world.

Fossilized brushes were discovered in Egypt. They were made of split Palm leaves While others, used by different ancestors to beautify their surroundings, we're made from sticks, bones and even wood shavings. Natural bristles are made from some sort of animal hair, such as hogs or badgers.

Synthetic bristles are often made from nylon, polyester, or a combination of both. Natural bristle brushes are best for applying oil-based paints, and synthetic bristle brushes are recommended for water-based latex paint. I think paint brushes are one of the most important tools where you need to use the right brush for the right job. The wrong brush can make a job take twice as long.

It's hard to talk about the paintbrush without talking about the roller, when the roller was invented in 1940 it was a game-changer. A descendant of the presidential Adams Family, produced the first  paint roller in a basement Workshop in 1940. He was part of the marketing department at Sherwin Williams when he invented and patented the gadget roller that has since become standard equipment for painters.


Hair brushes is a necessity in everyday life. We have so many different kinds to choose from that make our lives so much easier. 


A hairbrush may have rigid or soft bristles used in hair care for smoothing, styling, and detangling human hair and I think the hair brush is the most common brush used in our daily lives. 

I love to read about how things are invented and when people were able to patent a product and the story behind the patent. 


Lyda Newman was a remarkable black female inventor who patented the first hair brush with synthetic bristles. She is the third black woman to ever receive a patent; she is also known for her activism in the women's voting rights movement of the early 20th century. Professional-quality rubber cushion brushes are produced with a hole in the cushion so that the air can circulate underneath and dry out the rubber. If there was not a whole lot of cushion it would trap the moisture and eventually ruin the brush. 


Under Sink Brush Storage

Art Brushes are arguably the most used brushes because you need so many different textures of bristles to get your wanted outcome of a painting. Also a good artist's brush can cost a pretty penny so taking care of your artist brushes is very important. Cleaning and drying brushes are at the top of the list to make your brushes last. 



6 Helpful Hints To Take Care Of Art Brushes

  1. Keep the ferrule clean. Do not immerse the brush in paint up to the ferrule. 
  2. Clean excess paint. Remove all excess paint with a soft rag or paper towel.
  3. Don't over soak. 
  4. Don't rest your brush on its head. 
  5. Clean the brush properly.
  6. Store brushes upright properly.

Cleaning and storing your brushes properly is very important so they dry quickly which helps them last longer.



Artist brushes come in all kinds of sizes and shapes.

If you’re an artist you know how important a good brush is when you are painting. 

No matter what kind of creative mind you have; whether it be art, food, painting, nail art, cleaning, or just brushing your teeth or your hair, we need and use important brushes EVERYDAY! 



The veggie brush is one of those brushes you don’t think about real often; however, when you need one it’s so nice to have. The shape is designed specifically to get around the edges of vegetables to clean every side. Take a potato for example, it’s probably used the most for these everyday veggies. The right tool (brush) makes all the difference in the world. 


Why is it important to use a Vegetable Brush? 

Vegetable brushes are just one of those brushes you feel that you cannot live without. When you use it you feel that your vegetables are getting fresh and clean.I use a vegetable brush for carrots, potatoes and beets. With their coarse skin, dirt and germs can get between their rough exterior. The vegetable brush gets between and into those areas so you can have a cleaner vegetable. 

Bottle brushes come in every different size you can think of because we have a variety of different sizes and shapes of bottles that need to be cleaned on a daily basis. They aren’t just used for when you have a baby, but all different kinds of bottles. I have one that I use specifically for my coffee pot. Bottle brushes come in  all different shapes and sizes to clean bottles and jars. 

If you think about all the nooks and crannies different sizes and shapes of bottles have these days you can understand why it's important to have a good bottle brush for good cleaning. 


There's flowering Bottlebrush bush,  (Callistemon spp.) and is among the hardiest of Australian native plants. They are long lived, require minimal maintenance and are almost impossible to kill. ... The original bottlebrushes available to gardeners were all bold red but flower colors now range from red to pink, mauve, cream and green .I thought it’s interesting that the bottle brush bush looks like a regular bottle brush product.



 Straw cleaning brush. I use reusable straws when I make smoothies and you need to clean your straws well so bacteria doesn’t grow inside the straw. Having a straw cleaner makes all the difference to make sure you’re getting a clean straw every use, plus making your life a little simpler. Under my kitchen sink I store my straw cleaning brushes so they stay sanitary between use. 

Kootoo Kit Ideas


                                              Kootoo Kit organizes your straw cleaning brushes.



You know where THAT is because you organized it in the first place. When you have a place for your tools it makes them easy to find when needed saving time and money. 

 Kootoo Kit is a customizable organizing storage system that has endless possibilities for storing everyday items. I’m sure you can find many tools and products the Kootoo Kit can organize for you to make your life easier, but here are just a few. 


  • Brushes
  • Scissors  
  • Dusters 
  • Tools
  • Disposal key

Why Is Kootoo Kit A Unique Container

Kootoo Kit stores your tools and brushes upright with it’s unique tube divider, you know right where items are, saving you time and money. 

The Kootoo Kit system helps your tasks run smoothly because you’re not searching around for the right tool. 

Customizable dividers are what make the Kootoo Kit unique from every other container in the marketplace. 

You will know where your tools are when you need them because they will have a specific place that you designed. 

Tools are always organized because, guess what? Everyone puts them back where you can find them, what a concept! 


Under Kitchen Sink Storage

Getting the job done right can be so easy when you're using the right brush, saving time and money. 

The Kootoo Kit organizing system…brushes stay organized. 

 Happy Kootooing!



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