Kootoo Kaddy Story

Kootoo Kaddy Story:

I found it impossible to find a container where I could design the spaces I need for the products I was using, everything would fall over.  That's the WHY of my product! I've worked in the organizing and cleaning industry for 35 years while raising  7 children as a single parent and was financially on my own. The cleaning organizing industry allowed me to work my schedule around my family which I'm very thankful for. Because of a few situations that happened to me when I was young I never finished my education, so after my kids were on their own I went back to school, received my GED, went to a 2-year business school, and am currently enrolled in the MTECH marketing program to help me with my business. I was able to receive  2 utility patents and have 6 design patents pending. Even though I'm proud of what I've accomplished, what I really want to do is show other women that they have everything they need inside themselves.

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