How To Deep Clean Your Car and Keep It Organized

Have you ever cleaned your car and afterward you feel like it runs better?

Even though a car is an inanimate object sometimes I feel like you have a relationship with your car machine.

Having a clean car brings so much satisfaction and joy it’s a wonder why we aren’t better about keeping them clean and organized. 

I had a neighbor who cleaned his car every weekend in his driveway. He would wake up early and clean his car in the shade so the sun didn’t pound him. He would clean every nut and bolt, it looked amazing when he was done. This was his baby that brought out his creative side, a way for him to relax. It was my pastime to pour a cup of coffee and watch. and take my car to the car wash later. I enjoy cleaning my car however, I don’t want to be doing it all day, to each their own. 

I use to clean and organize homes and some of my clients asked if I would clean their cars, so I added that to my resume. 

Keep reading if you need ideas on how to deep clean your car and organize the items you use on the go. 

STOP! Start with vacuuming just your seats and leave the car floor vacuuming until the end, before you shampoo carpets. 

Kootoo Kit Tips and Tricks to Cleaning Your Car


Cleaning Car Leather Seats

I would start cleaning leather or cloth seats first because you might wipe out extra debris that the vacuum missed. Obviously, you would use different cleaners for each of these surfaces. When I use the leather cleaner on my seats I use a microfiber towel, however, make sure you test the brand of leather cleaner on a small spot before you move on.

Cleaning Car Cloth Seats

Use a carpet cleaner small attachment to clean cloth seats and use a pretreatment on the soiled areas before you begin. Make sure that you are sucking up all the water while you clean because you don’t want to be left with a musty water smell. I have also used a shop vac that can suck up water, brushing seats gently and then sucking up the water after. Leaving clean seats in the sun to dry with the doors open for an hour will help. 

Cleaning Car Vinyl

Clean vinyl next with a high-quality vinyl cleaner, you don’t want to be cheap with this product because your vinyl needs protection from sun and cold. Using soft brushes to clean in the small nooks and crannies is the best way to deep clean your vinyl surfaces with a quick wipe down with a microfiber cloth. 

Kootoo kit vinyl cleaning photo


Vacuuming Your Car

Have french fries under your seat? 

Vacuum first and use the small vacuum attachments to get in those small places. Remember to vacuum under seats moving them back and forth so you can see under those areas that like to hide cracker crumbs and food particles. If you want to read more about keeping your vacuum lasting longer because you take care of it you can read about How to deep clean a vacuum.

Cleaning Car Carpets 

Now you’re ready to clean your car carpets. I have used this wonderful foam cleaner that I use for spots on my home carpets and it works wonderfully. I love the soft plastic brush that’s attached to the top of the can but if you are not sure you like it remember to use a soft brush so you don’t ruff up your carpet texture.

Kootoo Car Carpet Cleaning Photo


Window Cleaning

Don’t use just any window cleaner! The expert says not to use Windex because it’s not good for the tint that’s applied to your windows to keep out the sun. Use a foam spray cleaner like Sprayway to help with streaks and besides it smells great. 

Car Organizing Container

There are so many things we need to keep in our car on a daily basis depending on the kind of job we have. Some people use their car to just commute to work and others actually work out of their car. I have had a property management job on the side for a few years now while working at a full-time job so I need to keep items like gloves and tools that I use for properties in my car depending on which job I was at. Using an organizing container to keep all these items organized so I have them when I need them saves me time and stress. You can keep a  basket on your seat or in the back of your car depending on the style of car you have will help with car clutter. 


Car Cleaning Supplies

Car Cleaning Container (Kootoo Kit)

Keeping all your car cleaning supplies in one container can help you save time. Having your brushes and product organized for your car in one place can help you save time and be ready to go with you to the car wash. If you wash your car at home you’ll know right where everything is, again, saving precious time. Brushes you use inside your car and outside your car are so different in texture and having a place to store them can help them last longer and dry faster. Having a container with a multi-surface cleaner stored in your car can help with a quick wipe down. 

Do You Know A Car Enthusiast? 

If you are one of those people who can only have your car washed by hand, you might be a car enthusiast!


Items that get overlooked on a car, but can make such a difference is how clean your tires are. Shiny tires can make or break how clean your car appears. Using a good tire brush to clean and a high-quality cloth to wipe them down makes a difference. If you are or know a car enthusiast giving them a tire car cleaning kit will get you in their friend circle. 

Tire cleaning photo


Wiping down the outside of your car with the right cloth that you didn’t know you needed until now will change your view of great clothes for the future. Use a bunch of different clothes to see which one you like the best, however, if you have ever used a water-absorbing cloth it’s hard to go back to the others, experiment until you find your favorites. 

No matter what type of car you drive there is a certain satisfaction in having a clean car. 

Happy Kootooing! 

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