How To Deep Clean A Vacuum

Deep Clean Your Vacuum in a few easy steps.

Ever wonder why some vacuums last longer than others? It might be because the vacuum is well taken care of. 

If you want to help make your vacuum last longer, read on……

How To Deep Clean A Vacuum Organized Tools

Kootoo Kit Vacuum Cleaning Organization


When you first purchase your vacuum, get to know your vacuum! Read the manual instructions, take your vacuum apart and study how it works. Make a note of all the working parts and check to see if you need to buy extra filters so you have them ready when the old filter wears out, or if your vacuum has filters you can wash, dry, and replace. Keeping your filters clean is essential to maintain your vacuum and help it to last longer.  

Taking care of these three things can help keep your vacuum motor running in good shape. 

  • Change filter regularly
  • Change belt when needed 
  • Clean hair from roller brush often 

Remove Hair Caught In The Vacuum Brush

You can remove the hair caught in the brush with scissors, however; make sure you pull the hair away from the brush before you cut it out so as not to scratch your roller brush. You can use a vacuum tool from Kootoo Kit to achieve the best results. 

Clean Inside The Canister

Caution! Always unplug your vacuum before cleaning it or working on it.

Always shake your canister dust into the garbage first to remove excess dirt.

Use a damp microfiber towel, an all-purpose cleaner, or vinegar to wipe the inside of your canister removing as much dirt as possible. You can run water through the canister, however; make sure the canister is completely dry before you re-attach. 

Make sure you allow your vacuum to dry completely before reattaching the parts.

You can use a shop vac or another vacuum to remove as much excess dirt inside your vacuum. This is a good way to keep dirt from flying inside your home. I prefer to clean my vacuum in my garage or outside. 

Clean Your Vacuum Hose And Attachments Keeping Them Free of Debris.  

Use a wire hanger to clean your hose making a small loop at the end of the hanger so you’re not leaving any sharp edges at the end. Slide the hanger down the hose to clear any buildup or dirt that may be caught in the small areas of the hose. 

You can also detach your hose from the vacuum and run warm water through your hose, caution! Always let the hose completely dry before re-attaching.

How To Deep Clean A Vacuum

List Products and Ideas to Clean Your Vac

  • Mask
  • Gloves
  • Screwdriver
  • Pipe Cleaner
  • Dryer Brush
  • Air Spray Duster
  • Microfiber Cloth
  • Flashlight
  • Duster
  • Scissors
  • Kootoo Kit Vacuum Tool

Kootoo Kit Vacuum Tool

Most of these products you’ll already have around your home. However, if you have them organized in one place it will save you time and effort. 

Mask: This Will help keep your lungs safe while cleaning your vacuum because you are disturbing the dust in your cleaner, this is why I like to clean my vacuum in the garage or outside. Choose a shady spot on your lawn, grab a cold drink and enjoy cleaning your vacuum. It feels so good when you’re done. 

Gloves: Protect your hands from dust and dirt or maybe even a slice to your hand. Protecting your hands is very important while cleaning not just from the dust but also from chemicals. 

Screwdriver: This will help you unscrew the parts of your vacuum that you may need to get to your brush or other parts to clean completely. 

Pipe Cleaner: This little gem of a tool can come in very handy cleaning spaces you can’t get to any other way. I also have one of these tools around for many different uses, however, it’s great to clean a vacuum. 

Dryer Brush: Most dryer brushes fit perfectly into a vacuum hose to clean the debris inside most units. Dryer brushes come in many different shapes and sizes making it easy to find the right size for your vacuum. If you need the hanger method I suggested above, be careful not to tear your hose. 

Air Spray Duster: This product is so nice when you are cleaning most anything if you have small places that you can’t even get to with a small tool for brushing. I keep a can of air spray in many rooms in my house with all kinds of dust cleaning. 

Microfiber Cloth: Microfiber can be your best friend when cleaning because most of the time you can just use water with no chemicals and they don’t leave residue on what you're cleaning. That’s a win!

Flashlight: Cleaning your vacuum with a flashlight will help you see dirt that you may have missed otherwise. Flashlights are a tool you always want to know where it is when you need it. I keep flashlights in every room.

Duster: Using a Swiffer duster inside your small crevices can help you get that dust that may otherwise be on your floor. 

Scissors: Scissors are so important to cut hair from your roller brush.

Kootoo Kit Vacuum Tool: The reason I invented this tool is so I could get the hair away from the roller brush in my vacuum so as not to cut the brush with my scissors. You will still need a scissor to cut hair, however, if you accidentally cut up your roller brush it can be expensive to replace and debris will forever get stuck inside those cuts ruining your roller brush. I know this can happen because this genius has cut a brush to two in my cleaning jobs. :)

Sanitize Your Vacuum

If you have someone in your household that’s been sick or just wants a sanitized vacuum to help keep down the germs that enter your home you can apply to rub alcohol to the bottom of your vacuum and brush. Use a microfiber cloth to apply alcohol to the cloth first cleaning the bottom of the vacuum and then applying rubbing alcohol to the brush as you roll the brush around. 

Let all the parts dry completely before using your vacuum. 

Best Way To Vacuum Your Floors

Our homes and offices have many different surfaces to vacuum it’s nice to have a vacuum you can run across all the contrasting surfaces. 

One of my favorite vacuums is the Shark brand because of the ergonomics and the adjustments it offers for the contrasting flooring you might have in your home.

 Most of the Shark models can be adjusted at different levels to achieve a quick vacuum cleaning by only one adjustment to the brush head. 

This makes a vacuum job so easy and saves you precious time. 

One of the reasons it’s so important to keep your vacuum cleaner in great working condition is so as not to scratch hard floors with extra debris or dirt from the bottom of your cleaner. 

You Are Here At The End!

The Secret To Keeping Your Vacuum In Good Health

The reason I saved this for last is it's one of the most important things you can do on a daily basis to maintain your vacuum health and it’s probably the most simple of them all. 

Empty out your dirty canister after every use 

This one step can make the world of difference on a daily basis to keep your vacuum working great. If you let the dirt sit inside your canister it may have moisture inside and can hurt all the working parts of your cleaner. Also, your vacuum when not clean can give off a musty smell to your home and can make it feel like you never vacuumed at all. 

Cleaning out your vacuum after every use can be a game-changer for the overall health of your vacuum. 

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