Quick and Easy Spring Cleaning Tips


Have you ever wondered what the difference is between a Spring Clean and a Deep Clean? 

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When you Spring Clean, you open the windows! 

Spring cleaning can be rejuvenating, creating a feeling of something new in your life, a new beginning, and a new start. 

Spring Cleaning doesn't have to be overwhelming and doesn't have to be done in one day. Besides your regular house chores just take on one extra Spring Clean a week. Take the months of April and May and tackle one job a week. Here’s a list to get you started with a new fresh beginning. 

  • Create a spring cleaning list of that are important to you.
  • From your list decide what the highest cleaning areas are and start there. 
  • Cleaning top to bottom, left to right will help dust fall to the floor being sure to clean floors last.  

I like to donate and give away clothes and unwanted items before I start my Spring Clean because I feel I have more space to work with while cleaning and not worrying about unnecessary items. I don’t try to clean anything else on this day, just purge. 

During the winter months I concentrate on the inside of closets and drawers and my Spring Clean consists of outward fixtures and walls. 

Remember not to get overwhelmed, one task at a time. 

Here’s a list of items that I tackle during my Spring Cleaning routine. 

Week 1: Light Fixtures

Week 2: Blinds/ Window coverings

Week 3: Washer and Dryer

Week 4: Cupboards 

Week 5: Cold Air Return

Week 6: Baseboards

Week 7: Walls 

Week 8: Vacuum

1. Light Fixtures

I like to use a swiffer  on my light fixtures when I’m cleaning bi-weekly, however there are so many different kinds of fixtures you will have to decide how and when they need cleaning. For example, if your light fixture is completely enclosed you may only need to clean it every 6 months. If fixtures are over a mirror and open to dust, you may need to dust and clean bi-weekly to prevent dust build-up.

2. Blinds/Window Coverings

Depending on where your blinds are in your home you will have different levels of dirt and dust. For example your kitchen blinds will have grease from cooking mixed with dust, however, blinds in your living areas may just have dust build up. 

I have found that I only need to use a wet microfiber towel in my kitchen area and either vacuum or dust with a swiffer in the other areas of my home. 

Check out this video on how to clean blinds with your kitchen tongs. 

Here are a few steps to consider before you begin. 
  • Dust or vacuum blinds before you begin
  • Use a microfiber towel, doesn't leave residue
  • Use a step stool or ladder
  • Bucket of water with double sides helps to rinse towel (see photo)
  • Wear gloves to help hold blind tight while cleaning and protect hands
  • Clean left to right pushing dust in one direction. 

3. Washer and Dryer

Keeping your washer and dryer clean is very important from a sanitary point of view and also a safety issue when it comes to your dryer. Making sure your dryer vent is clear of dybre is very important because this can cause a fire if not cleaned regularly.

How to Clean Your Washer Video



4. Cupboards and Cabinet Cleaning

Kitchen cupboards need to be wiped down more often than most cabinets, however; when Spring Cleaning I like to use a wood cleaner or polish. One of my favorite wood cleaners is the Method brand. It has a fresh almond smell and doesn’t leave a residue on your wood. 

5. Cold Air Return Clean

If anyone in your home has allergies, keeping  the cold air returns helps them breathe a little easier. This helps with the dust circulating in your home and can also help with the amount of dust you may see on your furniture. 

6. Cleaning Baseboards

Baseboards are one of the surfaces in your home that are sometimes overlooked. I clean my bathroom baseboards everytime I clean the bathroom because it seems this room collects the most dust. Dusting with a swiffer duster each time you dust a room will cut down on the accumulated dust, however when I Spring Clean I use foam watl cleaner from Zep and use a microfiber towel. 

7. Wall Cleaning

My favorite way to walls is Zep foam wall cleaners. Unless you need to use water the Zep cleaner is easy and fast. I use a large size Swiffer with their pads.  Attach a  cleaning pad and clean away, easy! It smells fresh and makes your walls look amazing.  You can watch my video of wall cleaning on Instagram here. 

Kootoo Kit wall cleaning video

 8. Vacuum 

This will be your last step in your Spring Clean. Vacuuming around the edges of your carpets and floors, under couches and under beds is important to keep down a minimum in your home. 

Quick and easy Spring cleaning doesn’t have to be overwhelming if you schedule one step at a time. With your regular scheduled cleans you can just tackle one item of Spring Clean from your list. 

Spring cleaning can be so rejuvenating when you create an atmosphere of renewal. Open your windows, play your favorite music and even invite a friend over to clean together and return the favor for your friends home, make it enjoyable. 

Cleaning and organizing doesn’t have to be a drugury. It can feel amazing as you’re donating unused items and cleaning those places in your home that may not get cleaned as often as you would like. Having a regular cleaning schedule can help keep your home clean and fresh on a daily basis and helps you not to get overwhelmed. 

Last Note: Create a beautiful cleaning container to store and organize your cleaning products so when you need to find them they're accessible. Kootoo Kit is completely customizable so you design the spaces you need for your products and tools. Our unique tube dividers hold tools upright for easy access.

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