How To Maximize Your Closet Space

Donate Clothes That You Are Not Wearing

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve said to myself that I’m keeping a clothing item that I think I might fit into when I lose those extra 10. Throw it out! You will feel less stress leaving your mind free of thinking about something over and over again about things that don’t matter. Go buy something that fits you right NOW! 

You will feel much better if you donate items in your closet that don’t fit you now letting someone else enjoy what’s sitting around taking up space and making your closet look cluttered. While you're organizing there will be cleaning that going along side of this task. Get organized with the cleaning supplies, boxes, tape, labels etc. using your Kootoo Kit. 

Closet Organization

Remove Clutter From Your Closet

Items you don’t use from day to day, get unused items out of your closet. 

Throw out, donate or move them to a place in your home they will be used. Only keep items in your closet that are like items like clothing etc. Having unwanted or unused items will keep your closet depressing and the clutter thoughts clutter items bring to you on a daily basis is not worth keeping clutter around. 

Utilize Your Closet Floor Space

Utilizing your floor space in a closet can add more space to a small closet area. If you have a large walk-in closet or a smaller closet, you can utilize the floor space and can give your closet an aesthetic design. This can give your closet the much-needed space for your daily items. Be careful you are not adding items you don’t need and you’re not using. Don’t let this space become a pile on space. 

Closet Floor Organizer


Add Lighting To Your Closet 

Adding lights to your closet can make it feel like a much larger space. Lights can also help you see your daily items and you won’t feel like your closet is a catch-all space. Keeping items organized and in a lighted area can help your mental health. Walking in or opening a lighted area every day can bring you joy and keeping this much-needed space organized can save you time because you are not wasting precious time looking for your daily items.  

Closet Organization Lights

Don’t Forget Your Upper Shelf

Upper shelves can be one of the first things you see and very important to keep organized. Organizing items in this area of your closet would be left for items you don’t use often if the shelves are unreachable. Keeping a small foldable ladder or step stool can help reach the upper shelf. Labeling items on the upper shelf can help you not forget what’s organized up there and also help you find items faster. You will find that if baskets or bins are labeled you have a mental note in your mind of what you are storing on your upper shelf and you won’t forget about your items. 

Closet Organization Upper Shelf

Mirror In Your Closet Can Help With Aesthetics

Hanging a mirror or leaning a mirror against the wall will help make your closet feel like its own space. If you don’t have a walk-in closet having a mirror close by this area will help you organize and can help the space feel complete. Whether you decorate with a thin gold mirror or a white chunky wrapped mirror make your space your own. 

Closet Organization Mirror

Paint Your Closet A Light Color

If your closet has dark color paint, change it now! Painting your closet in a nice light color can help it look brighter and clean-looking. Having a light closet will help you find your items faster because you will be able to see items more quickly. Even if you have lights in your closet area, having the paint light in color can help with the aesthetics of feeling lighter. 

Closet Organization

Utilize The Corner Of Your Closet Areas

Utilizing the corners of your closet can be a great extra space. There are all kinds of corner storage units that can help you organize small items such as scarves, hats, and even jewelry. Searching for these items in the shower storage area online or in a store will be the most likely place you can find a corner storage unit. I like to store my sweater shaver and lint roller brush in these corner areas because they are not so notable in my regular closet space. Make sure you keep this corner area free of clutter. 

Closet Corner Organizer

Organize Items On Back Of Your Closet Door

There are all kinds of back-of-the-door organizers and people are using them for all different kinds of organizations. Baskets, bins, and fabric pocket organizers can be used in your closet areas very effectively. 

Closet organization can become an art and using your imagination is the most creative way to start. You know your space and your style so go with the idea that fits you best. Depending on your needs of the organization and the items you’re storing will help with your decision on what organization works best for you. 

Closet Organizer Back of Door

Be Sure To Maintain Your Space

Here comes the fun part! Maintain your space. This is the best professional organizing tip I can give you.  Maintaining your space and having an organizing system in place is the key to getting and staying organized. Choosing items such as baskets and bins and items that help you stay organized is the key to your system. Knowing where everything goes and every item having a place will help you maintain your organizing system. If you stick to your organizing system you will feel more stress-free every time you walk into your closet. 

Professional Closet Organizing Tips and Tricks

This blog was written by Jeanne Workman from Kootoo Kit. After organizing and cleaning clients’ homes and offices for 35 years I know that it’s important to capture the style of my clients. Listen to clients wants and needs and deliver exactly what they want. There are so many different closet organization ideas but the thing you need to capture is your style. The first thing you need to be realistic about is your space size and then you can design the s you want. 

Organizing your closet space so it speaks to you and your style will help you feel calm and organized. 

If you want to know more about my story and why I invented an organizing container visit me on my Instagram or Facebook page at Kootoo Kit.

Happy Kootooing!

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