How To Get And Stay Organized At Home

 Kitchen Organization

Staying organized can be overwhelming if you don’t have the right system in place from the start. I'm here to help you get and stay organized with these few helpful hints. Having a plan and a place for everything is the key, however learning to live as an organized person and take on the lifestyle as a minimalist will help with your staying organized efforts. 

Let's take each room in your home and talk about tips and tricks you may not have thought of that will help you stay organized and relieve stress that having too much clutter may cause.

Kitchen Organization:

Having an organization system in your drawers and cabinets can give you a fresh start. 

First you need to decide what kind of a look you want to achieve and shop for the containers to achieve your design, plastic, wood, wicker, metal, mesh? When you decide your container you can shop for the right size containers (be sure to measure your spaces) and you are on your way to a beautiful organized kitchen. 

The size of your kitchen plays a big part in organization. I used to think I needed more than one can opener, huh! Not any more. I have one of everything I need so my drawers are organized and every kitchen utensil has its own place without the clutter. I’ve seen draws when organizing clients' homes where they couldn’t close the draws because they had multiple utensils of the same item. This is where you can feel good about giving to good-will so someone else can enjoy your extras. 

Kitchen Cleaning:


Kootoo Kit Under Sink Organizer

Having the cleaning items you use in your kitchen under your sink can help save you time. Organizing all your essential cleaning items for your kitchen area can be key to a quick clean up between meal prep or a more important deep clean when needed. An important thing to remember is don’t let your under sink storage become a collect all. The system you use for this area is just as important as the other areas in your home. Keep your cleaning items separated from your veggie brushes etc. The Kootoo Kit can help keep items you want separated keeping your kitchen more sanitary. I only keep the items I use on an everyday basis and store other products that are only used once in a while in another storage area so to keep under my sink clutter free. 

Pantry Organization Ideas:

Pantries can be a drop-off zone if you’re not careful. The key to an organized beautiful pantry is an organizational system. Taking the time to set up and organize your pantry can be a game changer. Reminder, when you label your pantry items is not just for you, but for your family members to place items back where they belong. 

  • Have a specific place for all items, keeping items together in categories. 
  • Label all baskets and bins to remind yourself and others where you want items to be organized.
  • Only have items you need and keep them rotated if food items. 
  • Face items or labels forward so you can easily see where items belong. (this helps with a quick inventory before you shop) 
  • Try to remove all clutter and things you are not using or don’t need. Don’t be afraid to donate, give to others. 

If you use plenty of a certain kind of canned food like tomatoes or beans you can use a rotating can system. However, I prefer to not use this system with sporadic canned goods so I don’t have to search for the items I’m looking for. I prefer to stack my canned goods with those that are the same and face them forward for easy and easy find. Be sure to throw out expired


Keeping canned veggies together and keeping canned fruit together, etc. 

Whether you have a closet pantry or a walk-in pantry keeping them organized is a lifestyle. Once you find out what works for you and a little practice, having an organized pantry is achievable. 

Pots and Pan Organization:

The first thing I try to think about is what pots and pans I use the most and make sure I organize those kitchen pans easy to reach. There are so many ideas of how to organize your pans and depending on your space you can find what works for you. 

Organizing ideas for pot and pan storage:

  • Use a portable shelf inside your cabinets to create more space. 
  • Create a side by side system that holds flat cookie sheets upright. 
  • Stack pots and pans inside one another to create more space.
  • Organize pots on a lazy susan cupboard to help an easy find. 
  • Move shelves to the level and size you need for pans to fit properly. 
  • Use a shelf liner so pots and pans don’t leave scratches on shelves. 

Linen Storage:

Create a place to organize and store your linens used in your kitchen such as your tablecloths and napkins. Having these items close by can help set your table faster. You can even store linens in your pantry with the organizational system you have created. Linens can be stored in a cute basket with a label or show them off in a creative folding pattern that shows them off when you enter your pantry. I like to throw my linens in the wash right after a family dinner, however; I don’t use lines every time we eat, just during a Sunday or special family dinner. 

Closets and Drawers: 

Having an organizing system for your closets and drawers can help save time and ease your stress when putting your laundry away. I always seem to organize my clothes closets and drawers in Spring and Fall getting ready for the seasons changing. My snow boots take up alot of room in my small closet so I like to store them in a bin in the garage and only organize them in the fall when I’m getting ready for winter. This method may not work for you, however; this makes me feel like my closet is clutter free from items I may not need only at certain times of year. 

I love to open a drawer and see everything organized. There are so many wonderful organizing systems you can choose from. Here are a few ideas, do what works for you, your space and your style. 

The best way to get and stay organized is to have an organizational system set in place before you begin. No matter what containers you decide to use, having them labeled is key to sharing your dream of staying organized in your home while living with a family who understands your dream. I have found that when I’m organized I feel less stress and my days seem to run more smoove. Make sure that when your day is going well take a moment and feel your organized home. 

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