Mother's Are Crafty

I can’t talk about creative people without telling you about my mom. My mother raised 8 children alone with very little if any financial support  from my father. She never hung a wreath on our door or decorated our home because there was never enough money to think of things like this. I remember looking at our worn out bath towels thinking, when I have my own home someday I’ll have matching towels.  That was my idea of a great decoration or someday being successful.  My sweet mom is in heaven now, but she lived an amazing life teaching her children life long lessons of which I will tell over the process of blogging. I can’t leave my mom out of all this fun, without her; this would not be happening. I wish I would have asked her more questions about how she felt about her life. She never complained about her circumstances, she always seemed to make the best of things. The reason I want to talk about my mom is how she was creative in a different way instead of making a wreath for the door. By the way, I love my wreath on my door, and a different one for every season! I want to talk about how I think my mom was creative. And maybe by sharing our family story it will help YOU to see your OWN creativity

The child support from my father was almost never in the mail, yes, a check in the mail. And when the check did come it was always signed by my fathers wife. I often wondered if we would have ever received it, if not for her. I remember one day my mother with a dish cloth over her shoulder was waiting on the porch for the mailman to see if the check would arrive. When he walked by with nothing for us, I will never forget my mothers response, she got up and said; let's go make cinnamon rolls. I knew we didn’t have much food, but as a young girl I didn’t worry because I always felt safe with my mom. She could make something from nothing which made her the smartest most creative woman in my eyes. Cinnamon rolls are dear to my heart to this day because of the memory of mom and how she handled disappointment. Why would I be talking about my mother and cinnamon rolls on a craft document? Because I feel that being creative is more than crafting  a wreath for your door. It’s about crafting your life and being creative with situations and circumstances that can turn into positive reminders of who we really are. My mother may not have had the money in her life to decorate a beautiful home or have a wreath, but she created a kind, loving, wonderful home with joy & food, which made our home feel warm, loving and accepting. Years later I visited my childhood home that we sold and moved when I was 17. I noticed the mailbox was still there so I asked the owner of the home if I replaced the mailbox if I could have the one that I remember as a child. It wasn’t about the check showing up, it was about what my mother did when it didn’t. 

I remember our car was a piece of work and needed a paint job so badly! I think it was before Macco. Mom bought spray paint and painted our car green. When the car's oil needed to be changed she was creative enough to learn how and changed it herself. My sweet mother cleaned apartments during the day while going to school at night to make a better life for her family. By making this decision to create a better life for us it enriched our family beyond measure. I remember going on post construction cleaning jobs where she allowed us to earn money for school clothes. I didn’t know other kids went shopping for school clothes as an annual event. We purchased clothes when we earned the money to buy them. When I was young I had to be creative about how I earned  money so I could buy the things I needed. I couldn’t wait to be 12 so I could babysit, but the real money was mowing lawns. We had an old rusty push mower where I would knock on neighbors doors and ask to mow for money. I don’t think I ever asked for an amount $ I just mowed and they paid me what they could. I can’t imagine I was very good with the dull blades and considering my age, but the neighbors seemed to let me anyway. I also would go shopping for an elderly lady up the street (Mrs. Giles) where I earned a little money, but the best part was having a bowl of ice cream with her when I was done, which I didn’t get too much ice cream at home, it was a real treat. I worked all summer to buy a new pair of pants for school and thought I won the jackpot! I was so proud of my new pants. Creating a way to get something done is creative.

 I want to talk about all the different ways people can be creative and be an expert in their craft, no matter what they choose to do. 

When I was young I never considered myself a crafty person, someone who could vision something and create it, but, looking back I created jobs for myself and found a way to get them done. So I would say my creativity started at a young age, I just didn’t recognize I was being creative

Are you the kind of person who needs to see something first, or the kind of person who can dream up something new? Have you ever met someone who could vision what they wanted and make it come to life and have it be so easy for them? I have a friend who can look at a room and organize furniture in his mind before the room is ever put together, rugs, couches, chairs, paintings, every little thing, he can vision it. How about people who can put together a craft like it’s so easy for them because they visioned it before they bought supplies? I envy these kinds of people. But, I do feel that everyone, and I mean everyone has gifts, talents crafting skills that we are born with that we just need to tap into. As we grow we find skills we didn’t know we had when we were young. I didn’t care for cooking when I was young, but as I grew older and had children I realized I needed to feed them, so through trial and era I had to teach myself to make nutritious meals that they would eat. I have found over the years that I enjoy cooking. I love creating new recipes and as I cook I feel a creative passion as if I was creating a painting. Sometimes it takes desire to find passion for creativity. 

A creative mind is the one that sees information particularly from the world around it and relates to their experiences and existing knowledge in order to create. Or are you more of a mastermind that takes knowledge and experiences and uses them to create. Creative thinking is the ability to consider something in a new way. Creative thinking includes analysis, open mindfulness, problem solving, organization, and communication. 

I'm sure you've all heard of the Pinterest fail, I've had many of these. I'll make a recipe and in my mind the whole time I'm making it I can see exactly the way it's going to look like the picture on Pinterest and guess what, it doesn't look anything like the picture on Pinterest. However, we’ve had some great times as a family with all the laughs and if it tastes great they don't care, even if it looks really really bad. 

The word creative person means a person whose creative work shows sensitivity and Imagination. An artist. Creator: a person who grows or makes or invents something.

Dr. Katie Davis, a clinical neuropsychologist, told Business Insider that creativity is a definitive sign of intelligence because it requires thinking flexibility outside the box and necessitates the ability to shift and change from one to another. Creativity is thinking of new ways to do things. It involves producing ideas or behaviors that are original to the other strengths in wisdom, our creativity, curiosity judgment, love of learning and perspective. 

I believe that we are all creators, we were born with the ability to create. Each one of us are different, can and will create different things in our lives, that’s what makes life so interesting. I love to see what other individuals come up with and the clever ideas their brain thinks up. 

I was trying to think of all the ways we are creative and the list goes on and on. There are: artists, writers, wood carving, house building, clothing stylists, chef’s, hair stylists, product inventors. If you can think of it, you can create it. The truth is we all create everyday.

Creative acts such as crafting can help focus the mind and has been compared to meditation due to its calming effects on the brain and body, even just gardening or sewing releases dopamine, a natural antidepressant. Creativity reduces anxiety, depression and stress and it can also help you process trauma. I know if I keep my mind busy creating I seem to not worry about the ups and downs of life. There have been studies that show it takes both sides of the brain to create so that sounds healthy to me. 


I have organized clients' homes and I’ve never looked at it like a craft until recently. I guess after organizing and cleaning homes, offices, post construction, moving etc for 35 years I might just be an expert. But, the way I’ve become to know what I know is trial and era. I love taking a room that’s unorganized and making it look beautiful, it’s so satisfying to me. I may not be able to make a wreath or bunny (which I appreciate people who can) but, I can organize items in a room in my head and make it happen. Crafting to me is about creating sometime from your mind that wasn’t there before. 

Why is making a craft so satisfying? I love these craft instagramers who share what they have made to a platform. It is so fun to watch how clever people's minds are. I have great appreciation for others' talents. I have a brother that is a great artist and have other brothers who are great singers. My sisters can sing, cook, sew and pretty much fix anything, of which I would consider all of these things crafty. Our work can become our craft, no matter what we decide to do or be. 

Anything that we choose to create becomes our craft. I want you to remember that anytime you are thinking of a new idea or a new way of doing something, you are a crafter. Think of all the inventors in this world that have created things that make our lives easier. We can do anything we put our minds to and can think UP! We are only limited by our imagination. Don’t hold back, if there is something you have wanted to create in this world, do it. If you feel you are too old or it’s too late, it’s not. If you just start and do the work to get where you want to go, there will be a way. I can’t explain the doors that have been open for me over my lifetime just by being willing to create an opportunity for myself. Craft your life and learn what you can, perhaps you are the creator of your own life. You have the talents within you to create, sometimes it just takes practice. When life gets you down, create your own rebound and make cinnamon rolls. Now if you will excuse me I’m going to go make myself a wreath. 

Happy Kootooing (mindful organization)

- Jeanne Workman